Into The Hearts Of Desire by SH Pratt

Aislinn Jane O’Rourke, AJ to her business associates, was tough. She was
known to be the strongest and most brutally honest negotiator in the state with
rigidly upstanding business ethics and high morals. Anyone who knew Aislinn
knew she was formidable and powerful. The standard to which Aislinn led her
business was the standard to which she led her life. Men were unnecessary and
unable to satisfy her mentally, emotionally or sexually. As one of Seattle’s most
eligible and wealthy, Aislinn preferred a low profile, free of the entanglements that
men represented.
Jacoby Weston was a confident man, arrogantly secure in his prowess, who
liked a challenge. Many things challenged Jacoby… the daily running of his
business, the negotiation of life with a broken and dysfunctional family… but
women did not challenge him. Women were a pleasant diversion but never for
more than one night in his basement. Until he met Aislinn O’Rourke during
negotiations for a choice piece of property that he wanted.
Fascinated by her intelligence, her ethics and her incredibly sexy body,
Jacoby met the challenge that Aislinn presented with an uncharacteristic fervor.
The more she rebuffed him, the more he wanted her. Upon the conclusion of their
business deal, Aislinn and Jacoby negotiate a new deal – a deal with higher stakes
than either expected… their hearts.
With the paparazzi stalking them, their pasts looming over them and
mysterious events that unsettle them, Aislinn and Jacoby struggle to keep their
budding relationship from being destroyed while trying to control the intense,
pulsing desire that drives it. Can Aislinn and Jacoby negotiate the challenges of a
relationship without compromising their hearts?

S. H. Pratt, originally transplanted from Montana, lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband and three gifted children. She is an avid reader of many different genres, but her favorites are Romance and Young Adult Fantasy ~ the latter of which she enjoys with her children. She also loves baking, sewing, hand-quilting and watching movies.

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