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Welcome to our blog! We are four British women proud to love reading! Here is an introduction to each of us!

Hey, lovely people ❤

So my name is Krystle Laura Lane (haha I bet a few of you, are shouting “OH NO, not her!!!”) Yes, I’ve made myself known on a few Facebook groups. What can I say? I’m passionate about my teams and ready to put up a good fight!!! You know you all love me really!!!!

So, a bit about me. I am 28 and have a pain in the ASS boyfriend (JOKES), a beautiful sister and two gorgeous girls and we all live as one happy family in the Midlands in the UK. YA is my thing ladies. I love it and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! I read all sorts though and my favourites go from the Dark Duet series to Hopeless/Losing Hope to Metamorphosis/Ambrosia (TEAM BUTTERFLY) So, YES, Caleb the Kidnapper, Dean Holder and Ashton are my guilty pleasures, plus many more…….

I read books that make me cry, really affect my life and mess with my head but I can’t seem to stay away!!!
I’ve made many friends over the last 16 months I have been reading especially a group of ladies called the Butches (you know who you are!) I love you all lots and lots. Then my girls who I’m Blogging with, they know maybe too much about me hahaha!

So anyway, I love you all, actually only if you’re on my Team as my Team is the right one!!!!!!! Team Jack, Team Ash, Team Chase……<3

Love K.xxx

Hey guys! My name is Jo Webb; I am 29 and live in Aberystwyth in Wales!
I started reading in June 2012 and it was, of course, *the* book boyfriend that set it all off for me, Mr Christian Grey (Matt Bomer, all the way, just sayin’!) I must have read the FSoG trilogy 10 times in a row before I realised that there must be other “sexy” books out there! So I looked around online and found a Facebook page jam packed with recommendations. Goodreads then came into play and before I knew it my TBR list grew faster than my read list!

Since then I have read hundreds of books, re read almost as many and have cheated on book boyfriend after book boyfriend! Sorry Gideon, sorry Jake, sorry Travis, sorry Noel, sorry Riff, sorry Aidan…. you get the picture!

My favourite genres to read are YA and NA, anything set in college/university really! I love books filled with angst and heartbreak but I am a sucker for a happy ending. I hate cliffhanger endings but it is a certainty that I will then be gagging for the sequel! I cry when a series ends and have a heavy heart for days afterwards. I still want to cry when I think of Taking Chances and Stealing Harper but will still happily dry hump Molly McAdams’ leg in Edinburgh next July!

Like my fellow blogger, Krystle, I pick teams also. Normally the opposite of what she picks, but this is where we work well, we have different perceptions of storylines and have different weaknesses when it comes to the teams we pick! She loves me but hates that I’m Team Ramsey and Team Mason (I agree with her on Team Chase but I’m also Team Brandon, don’t tell her though!) Be prepared for the arguments!

I am so looking forward to meeting up my ladies plus the gorgeous Erin Noelle of the Metamorphosis series fame in November at the London Author Event and hope to see as many of our followers there as possible as well!

Much love and hugs, Jo xxx


Hello everyone,

My name is Francesca Caddell (once upon a time known as ‘Fun Time Frank’). I am 29 years old and live on an island, that’s right you read right an island called the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

I am a mother to two beautiful little girls and I regularly cheat on my husband with all my book boyfriends.

I got the reading bug back in summer 2012 when I downloaded the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I fell head over heels for Christian Grey and he will always be my first BB love. After reading Fifty Shades a few times I found, like Jo, there must be more ‘saucy’ books out there and that’s where my journey of discovering all the other hot book boyfriends began! I’m constantly on the prowl for my next fix. I generally love them all: Gideon, Jesse, Kellan, Lucien, (I love Kitty French), Dominic … the list is endless!

However, unlike Jo and Krystle, I have found myself definitely sitting on the fence when it comes to Erin Noelle’s Metamorphosis, I’m team MASH all the way. I love both Ash and Mason!

I always feel bereft after finishing any series that I enjoy reading because I love to read and be consumed by such great stories.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at the London Author Event in November and hope you all like our blog.

Love to you all

Francesca xxx

Been told no swearing.

Must remember no swearing.

This is gonna be hell….

32 years of age, married with the best looking 4 year old around (not even lying, he’s gonna break some hearts when he’s older)

Reading here goes –
When everyone first started talking about “Mr Grey” I thought this book so isn’t me, then after everyone I worked with was reading it I felt left out so made one of them go buy me it. When my husband picked it up and read a bit his reply was “You’re not gonna enjoy that.”
Two nights later I’d finished all three books before all my work friends and fell totally in love with reading. I’m not gonna lie, I get bored easily, they have got to keep me hooked, sometimes even all the sex bores me. I love the romance; the “bad boy”; the special girl – I’m a big softy and let’s be totally honest everyone wants to “that girl”.
So I’ll give you my honest opinion, I’ll stick by the books I love 100% and will fight till the end protecting them!! I won’t hold back!

Much love

Princess Natalie

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  1. First time I have checked out the site not on my phone! I love y’all with all my climbing through window, dad stabbing, sweaty hairband heart! Kel

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